Welcome, Traveler.

We've been waiting for you.

We've been waiting for your hands and your head to join us. Together, we will cut and paste and repurpose everything around us. We'll dust off the old and weld it to the new. We have everything we need, and just enough ignorance to believe that anything is possible.

You are now East of 5th.

The East of 5th District in Downtown Rapid City, South Dakota, is a community-led, community-driven nonprofit built on the idea that when we exchange ideas, share resources and strengthen partnerships among one another, communities flourish.

The association celebrates and promotes the unique character of our East of 5th neighborhood, and provides a forum for conversations and activities that promote the vitality of our creative, innovative and progressive community.


What We Do

  • Further define and promote a unique, specific neighborhood identity;
  • Organize and host neighborhood events and festivals that welcome our neighbors and region East of 5th;
  • Make venues available for neighbors to meet and bring community members together;
  • Manage a website that heightens awareness of the neighborhood and  neighborhood businesses, and promotes events;
  • Leverages social media and other communications that celebrate the neighborhood, and keep the region informed on the many good things happening East of 5th;
  • Create and publish a neighborhood e-newsletter;
  • Connect neighbors with opportunities that strengthen our neighborhood, and thus, the entire region;
  • Lead neighborhood collaborations on physical improvements including such things as landscaping, public artwork and signage;
  • Welcome new businesses East of 5th;
  • Actively recruit the kinds of businesses that are needed and appropriate to enhance the vibrancy and culture of our neighborhood;
  • Keep our eyes and ears on city, county and state proceedings the impact and enhance our neighborhood;
  • Provide a forum to meet and collaborate regularly on matters of concern and opportunities for our neighborhood.

Stay Informed

You may just be surprised at all that's happening East of 5th. Make sure you stay informed about all of the rad events, innovative work and more happening in the East of 5th District by filling out the form below. You'll be glad you did.

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East of 5th District is a 501 c 3 organization. We are governed by an all-volunteer board of directors committed to transparent, inclusive community dialogue and collective neighborhood action. Neighbors serve on committees necessary for moving the purpose of the organization forward. These committees include membership, events, collaborations and social media. We hold regular board meetings and neighborhood meetings to discuss opportunities and activities to enhance the business welfare and vibrancy of life in the neighborhood.

East of 5th District seeks to involve business and property owners in our organization. We offer multiple benefits for those who join us as members. Membership in the East of 5th District is important to our work, strengthening our community of residents, businesses, nonprofits and extended supporters who can see what is possible for our neighborhood, and want to play an active role in making life better for all.

All people are invited to participate in general neighborhood meetings and events.